Trepalium season 1 episode 2

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Dates de sorties

February 11, 2016, France
Première diffusion

February 11, 2016, Germany
Dernière diffusion

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Ruben's wife, Thais, is missing. She hasn't shown up for work in the past few days, and Ruben's wife, Thais, is missing. She hasn't shown up for work in the past few days, and Ruben is in a bind. He has to make a good impression at work to get the director's post he's had his eyes on for years, but any sign of dysfunction in his family could rule him out as a candidate. Seeing no other way out, and struck by the uncanny resemblance between his wife and his employee, Ruben asks Izia to step into his wife's shoes. But impersonating an Active when you're a Zoner is an extremely risky business.

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Trepalium S01E02

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