Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers season 1 episode 20

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August 13, 2014, Japan

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With Wolverine paralyzed by Predator X and Cyclops overwhelmed by Baron Zemo, the battle does not bode well. Despite Wolverine's adamantium skeleton being too difficult to pick up, Hikaru attempts to carry Wolverine off to safety. Hikaru's determination to save Noriko and prove useful keeps him going, but the tide of the battle turns hopeless once Cyclops runs out of time and automatically returns to his DISK. Ōkuma approaches Hikaru with a tied-up Noriko and demands the DISKs of not only Cyclops, but also Captain America. Akira, Jessica, and Ed arrive on the scene, and Ed starts praising Zemo to buy some time for Chris to arrive. At an airport security line, Chris finds the DISK for Captain America in his pocket, forcing him to stay in Japan. (During Ed's last-ditch attempt to get Chris to stay the night before, he had snuck the Captain's DISK into Chris' back pocket.) Back by the dojo, Zemo starts to bore of Ed's praise, and Ed runs fresh out of material. Ōkuma asks why any of them would bother to protect mutants like Noriko and Wolverine, saying that they are heartless and untrustworthy monsters. This forces Noriko to respond with an area blast of her bioelectric powers, knocking out Predator X. Noriko doesn't stop her blast, saying that since she's a mutant nothing matters anymore and she should just make everything disappear. However, Hikaru refuses to abandon her, and enters the bioelectric hazard at his own risk to reach out and comfort Noriko. He does so with her, tears in both their eyes, and Noriko's electricity fades away. As Ōkuma is about to D-Secure Noriko herself, Chris arrives and D-Smashes Captain America to deal with Zemo. The two begin to duel, but the Captain lets his anger over Bucky get the better of him and Zemo corners him easily with both his sword and his words, and Zemo knocks away the shield. Chris steps into the fight, tossing the Captain his shield in order to counter-attack. As the Captain starts dominating Zemo, Chris states how he originally saw the Captain as the perfect person, and how he decided to run away from dealing with the Captain's own worries. With a final affirmation of trust, the Captain finally knocks out Zemo. Ōkuma D-Secures Zemo and Predator X, then tries waiting out the time limit for the Captain and take the DISKs as planned, but Wolverine recovers from the toxins and forces Ōkuma to flee. Chris and the Captain decide to stick together and help with each other's issues, and Noriko decides to try and use her powers to free the Captain and Cyclops. After her attempts fail, three X-Men arrive in the Blackbird: Storm, Iceman, and Colossus, as well as the DISK containing Beast. After Beast is attached to Jessica's wristband, he explains how it is possible to use Cerebro and the energy from Ōkuma's teleporter to follow him to Loki.

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