Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat season 3 episode 6

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December 9, 2013, United Kingdom
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January 1, 2016, Japan
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Oregon organizes a sit-in to prevent the deportation of Tunisian student Hasan but sabotages it by having sex with him which requires his hospital admission. Kingsley writes a protest song which attracts Sam, who asks him to a concert with her whilst Josie is prevented from attending the sit-in by a manic Sabine who gets drunk whilst obsessing over her thesis. Vod sees therapist Nadine to get over her mother's neglect and ends up listening to Nadine's problems whilst J.P.'s efforts to prove that he is a legend predictably land him in trouble.

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Fresh Meat - 03x06 - Fresh Meat - 03x06 - Series 3, Episode

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