Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town

Kids In The Hall: Death Comes To Town season 1 episode 5

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February 9, 2010, Canada

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Heather is released from jail due to lack of evidence. Corrinda goes to have an abortion, but learns that this pregnancy is her last egg, which causes her to reconsider. Dusty and Bowman's Corpse's relationship starts to become more intimate. Ricky has Marnie go to the trial with a spy camera on so he can watch, noticing that Marilyn is absent, who is at her office drinking, but an encounter with Death before the trial starts causes the camera to lose its signal. The trial starts with each side's opening statements, Big City's being all excitement and no substance, while Murray is late and completely unprepared, so Crim fires him and decides to represent himself, only to announce that he remembers a drug induced "vision" where his spirit bear told him to kill the mayor. Murray manages to get this statement stricken from the record, and Crim re-hires him and makes them blood brothers. Heather tries to make herself Corrinda's permanent replacement when she goes on maternity leave. Later, Heather is killed in the courtroom, with Death and Rampop being the only witnesses.

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