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Last Exile season 1 episode 5

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May 6, 2003, Japan

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Alex kills the pilot of the star-shaped ship and takes Alvis on board the Sylvana, leaving Lavi and Claus behind. Claus repairs the vanship and obtains extra fuel from the downed ship nearby. He and Lavi then follow the trail of the Sylvana, for Al's sake. Al wakes up on the ship and meets Sophia. When the vanship catches up to the Sylvana, Alex allows the ship to fire upon them, but they are able to avoid getting hit and they ""crash-land"" on the Sylvana. They encounter mechanics in the hanger, and Claus is beaten up by one of them for fun. However, Tatiana and Alistia show up and Tatiana grudgingly asks for Claus' name. Lavi helps Claus up to the bridge, where they meet up with Alex again. At that point, Claus' injuries get the better of him, and he falls unconscious.

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