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Cedric Ross is arrested for fraud and embezzlement after a judge whom he had lost money for years earlier signs the indictment papers. The absence of Cedric gives Adam the opportunity he'd been looking for to sell the Bank. In order to protect his interests Cedric signs his controlling interest in Gardner/Ross over to his daughter Sally, an Economics Professor at a University. Marty's old trading adversary Jack Larkin arrives from Vancouver with the desire to become an investment banker. Jack impresses Sally and Adam after he is able to score a major deal. Sally sells him shares in the company at three times book value giving him a seat on the executive committee. Jack's deal with the gold mining firm nearly bankrupts the firm when a major investor pulls out. Jack insists Gardner/Ross can carry the additional cost of the loan, and in a daring set of trading moves single handedly saves the firm and sells the outstanding debt to private investors.

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