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December 9, 1999, United States

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It's Christmas time and everybody is happy, but Nicole. She is the Devil impersonated. All the cheerleaders accept her vote for Carmen to get in the squad after she sprains her ankle taking private dancing lessons. Bio Glass gives fruitcake and cancels the exam for everyone, but still Nic gets her fired of her new job. The ghost of Marley Jacob haunts her, along with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. From a little pure child through Devil, we learn all about Nicole, and how she changed with the death of her anorexic friend, the death of her grandmother, and other facts. Sam and Brooke get along by throwing together a Christmas party for all their friends and family. Finally, Nicole falls on her knees and gives everyone a gift. Carmen is accepted in the cheerleading squad and the Nurse Glass gets her pussycat.

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