McLeod's Daughters

Mcleod's Daughters season 5 episode 19

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August 24, 2005, Australia
Première diffusion

September 16, 2006, Hungary
Dernière diffusion

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Jodi is surprised when Kate reacts badly to news that her Nonna - Alessa Manfredi - the hero-worshipped matriarch of the family, is on her way to Drovers. Kate is forced to confess she has been sending letters implying she is the boss of Drovers, the head of the CFS and, worst of all, that she is practically engaged to the to the local vet, Dave. Alessa meanwhile, has a secret of her own and on arrival Kate is surprised to see her Nonna with a new look and traveling alone. What has come over her? Mortified, Kate has to confess the lie to Dave, asking him to go along ...

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