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Get Smart season 2 episode 5

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Max has to impersonate a safe cracker named Jimmy Ballantine. He has his face wrapped in bandages so KAOS won't recognise him. 99 poses as a manicurist & agent 13 is in the towel steamer. Control believes the barber shop is a KAOS front. The KAOS agents want Max to open the vault of a federal reserve bank. 99 doesn't know which one,so the Chief has all the banks vaults left unlocked. Max opens the vault, KAOS guys are removing the money & plan to kill Max,when he gets the drop on them & their plan backfires. 99 & the Chief arrive & Max accidentaly locks the Chief in the vault.

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Get Smart (1965) - 02x05 - Maxwell Smart, Alias Jimmy Ballantine.DVD-Rip

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