Dilbert season 2 episode 8

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February 1, 2000, United States

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Dilbert is working a new food source called the "tomeato" that may end world hunger. Marketing dismisses the idea, but Dilbert sells them on the idea of trying the product in what he believes is the famine-ridden country of Elbonia. To get there Dilbert is forced to visit the trolls in accounting to get his travel budget increased. In Elbonia the "tomeato" is planted and begins to grow quickly in the Elbonian mud. Unfortunately this throws Elbonia into a famine, since the mud was their food source. In addition, exposed to the air to long, the "tomeato" can become explosive, so Elbonia jumpstarts its economy by turning the "tomeato" into bombs. To get the Elbonians to eat the "tomeato" Dogbert calls in a force that cannot be denied, Dilmom.

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