Baywatch season 9 episode 9

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November 16, 1998, United States
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August 14, 2006, Hungary
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Jessie has hired medical supply salesman Ed Symes as her stunt instructor. She found him in the yellow pages. But Ed is of course a terrible stunt instructor. When Jessie throws a punch at him, he is knocked out cold. Later when he is jumping from the balcony at headquarters onto a mattress, he misses the mattress and lands beside it instead. Jessie does the same thing and lands on the mattress. After that accident, she fires Ed for his own safety. But she doesn't get rid of him just because of that. Later she and Mitch find him on the beach again. Ed wants to demonstrate other stunts to her now. First he wants her to break a candy glass bottle over the head. But the bottle is too hard and Ed is knocked out once more. Then when he tries to crash dive through candy glass, he is knocked out by the glass. Jessie tries to dive through the candy glass as well and does so perfectly. Ed tells her that she has the potential to be a great stunt woman. Meanwhile, two girls fall off the Redondo P

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