Baywatch season 1 episode 12

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January 5, 1990, United States
Première diffusion

January 1, 1998, Belgium
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At a reunion with high school friends, Mitch rekindles a romance with his former love named Allison. This leads to rivalry with Craig who also dated her in high school. When Craig left for New York to attend college there, Mitch and Allison became a couple. Now, Craig can't stand seeing Mitch and Allison together. And when Mitch is late to the preparation of the dory, they end up fighting. But later on, they decide to enter the dory race anyway. Halfway out there, they stop rowing and Mitch tells Craig that he had been in love with Allison from the first time he laid eyes on her. When Craig hears this, he forgives Mitch and they end up winning the dory race. They beat their friends Tony and Paul at the finish line. Eddie is frustrated because he doesn't have a car. So when his lifeguard buddy Corey offers him a Mustang in terrific shape for only $ 2 000, he buys it. Later, when he shows it to Trevor, he tells Eddie that the Mustang has been stolen. The serial number is missing. It turn

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