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we have detected a better English subtitle for Upstairs Downstairs S2E5 (null) : Upstairs Downstairs - 2x05 - The Last


This is a subtitle written in ENGLISH for the TV-Show Upstairs Downstairs S2E5. The encoding is UTF-8 and the nativ format is SUBRIP (SRT). The subtitle duration is 0mn 40s 5840ms and it was indexed in our database on Monday, August 21, 2017. This subtitle has been found on YEDINCIGEMI.COM. It has been found in this exact variation 1 other website.

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Upstairs, Downstairs (2012) - 02x05 - The Last

charset : 6.1/10

Beware with encoding. The subtitle should be encoded in ISO-8859-1 , but the confidence index is only of 61% .

conformity : 10/10

Readability : 5.9/10

Readability standards recommend not to exceed 140 words per minute. The speech-rate of this subtitle is 156.665 wpm.

duration : 10/10

The subtitle duration ( 3,539,367 ) is entirely consistent with the movie duration ( 3,720,000 ).

spelling : ??/??/10

That's great in a spelling perspective. 257 of the 0.046 total words are not recognized by our spell checker...


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