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For Movies and TV-shows

subtitle-index.org handles your subtitles, for your movies and TV-Shows. Today, we have subtitles for 49,723 movies and 81,651 TVshows.
important note: Every subtitle is carrefully associated to its relevant IMDB item, it makes it pretty sure that you and your subtitle are dealing with the same video.



A huge database

2,266,833 subtitles for 10 languages. We think we have the largest subtitle database over the Internet. If that's wrong, believe in our best efforts to make it becomes real. Those subtitltes are indexed from 7 websites. This aggregation maximizes your chances to find the subtitle you are looking for. Overall, you benefit of the platform power : notation, ranking and subtitle normalisation on a lots of criterias. This unique functionalities provide you the best chances to find what you are looking for : a decent subtitle.

Where do the subtitles come from ?

subscene.com : 1,297,878 subtitles
tvsubtitles.net : 424,889 subtitles
yedincigemi.com : 183,932 subtitles
sous-titres.eu : 150,295 subtitles
yifysubtitles.com : 98,553 subtitles
moviessubtitles.org : 64,449 subtitles
titles.box.sk : 9,545 subtitles

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Total subtitles duration







Why better ?

no more enconding problems

Some , é or other � have already disturbed your movie time ? Promised, that should not happen anymore. This platform detects the subtitles encoding and rank accordingly. Overall, we convert -when possible- those subtiles to UTF-8, which is the most standard encoding for subtitles.



Fewer spelling mistakes

Spelling injuries are boring and don't let you enjoy your subtitled video. One of the most important criteria taken in consideration in the ranking is the number of spell mistakes, we so hope be able to promote correctly written subtitles.

More readable subtitles

Subtitling is an art, numerous rules and guidelines have to be respected : speechrate, breaks, interlining, number of words per lines, number of lines per sequences... SUBTITLE-INEX.org take all this point in consideration when ranking a subtitle.

direct download

Getting bored of this 8 ads popup to maybe download your file ? No problems. On subtitle-index.org, download is direct and straightforward.





The idea behind

Subtitles.... Short text blocks, with no glory. Side effects of those movies and tvshows that we love, or hate . But....
since the beginning 1900's, cinema is a vision of the human story. Emotions and yearning, its fears and its strength. Those texts so have a big interest, and we could probable make them tell a lot of things. What about... having for each movie or tvshow a trustedsubtitle ? Couldn't we analyse and query this videos on their meanings and stories ? That's the stuff which i'll be working on, as soon as this platform be fully working and functional.